Fellow GT lovelies! I've been out drinking with my manager, and I had a surprisingly amazing time! She told me, "this isn't business. this is just me and you, hanging out. Me buying you drinks." (note: she won't be my manager anymore as of the 13th, so I'm not worried about any work implications. Thank GOD). We talked about my growth with the company, my life anxiety that's piling on, and her nagging husband who literally called her every 10 minutes to complain about the new paint they got for their house.


She didn't know too much about what made me Hippiechick, which was fine. She was/is my manager and there's a professional boundary we kept very clear. After tonight, I spilled everything to her. And it helped her understand me as a professional, and as another fellow woman! Which was super awesome, and helped me understand her professional tactics, helped her understand where I stood on professional things(??), etc.

I don't divulge (to IRL people) my sexual assault as something that defines me, but it does affect me. It was SUCH A burden lifted to talk to her about how it may or may not affect my work performance, and how I struggle to keep it compartmentalized so I don't have triggers or a random mental breakdown at work. Those are strictly to be work related, anyhow. My job is fucking stressful. My head would fucking explode if I let my life stressors affect my work stressors. FUCK. She was incredibly understanding and listened, and was so far from judgmental. It was great! And I was glad to make a personal connection with her, because I truly look up to her as someone I can go to for guidance (for my field of work) and possible connections down the road.


My sexual assault happened 2 years ago, and starting Sept. 3rd I will be going to trial to *HOPEFULLY* send my assailant (who also happens to be an ex I lived with) to prison for a very, very long time.

This was literally drunk ramblings, and also my first post to GT. I've been sooo nervous to post to GT since I got privileges.


Also, I work in banking and I realllllly REALLY want to do something along the lines of "bank tales" about the literally crazy shit I deal with on an almost regular basis. Like, having a woman tell me to shove my finger up my ass. This is real life, people.


Tell me about your evening! Was it filled with drinking shenanigans? Did you do something you enjoyed? Self care? SHARE WITH ME.

ETA: I suck at Kinja. Don't blame me, I promise I'm competent :|

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